Africaskillz is an online media web portal with a job board that has been set up with the sole aim of providing information on leading job opportunities throughout the Africa continent for professionals. We do not believe that any professional in Africa should be limited by their geographical location. The employment opportunities on the African continent should be available and open to the knowledge professional in Africa whether that professional is Anglophone, Francophone or Lusophone AFrica. Our aim is to ensure that Africans do not need to rely on local and international recruitment companies before they can have access to opportunities on the continent. Africaskillz will remove the barrier to the movement of skilled workers within Africa by providing the knowledge worker in Africa with the information required to make the best of the opportunities that have been brought about by increased regional integration and the growth in the economies of different African countries. 


For African companies and professional service firms including the African multinational employer and international multinational employer it provides a platform to advertise existing vacancies with the knowledge that the pool of candidates responding to the advertisement will be of a very high quality.    


We will initially provide vacancy advertising services, thereafter we will provide database search services to employers. With this tool employers can take advantage of the vacancy advertising services and other services provided on the Africaskillz platform. Other additional services will be added in the months to come. 




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