Manager: Governance, Compliance and Ethics [Centurion (Head Office)]

POSTED BY: Land & Agricultural Development Bank
Date Published:Thursday, May 25, 2023
Date of Expiration:Tuesday, November 21, 2023 EXPIRED

 South Africa |  CENTURION (HEAD OFFICE) in South Africa
Closing Date 2023/06/07
Reference Number LAN230525-1
Job Title Manager: Governance, Compliance and Ethics [Centurion (Head Office)]
Division Risk Management
Unit Risk Enterprise Risk
Job Type Classification Permanent
Location - Country South Africa
Location - Province Gauteng
Location - Town / City Centurion (Head Office)

The Land and Agricultural Development Bank of South Africa (Land Bank) is South Africa’s only specialist agricultural bank established in 1912, the bank’s sole objective is to serve South African commercial and emerging farmers and bring specially designed financial services within their reach. These services enable farmers to finance land, equipment, improve assets and obtain production credit. The Land Bank provides financial services that have moved with the times and continues to provide services to agri-business and constantly reviews its offerings to ensure that they match the needs of an industry. As change has swept across the sector in South Africa the socio-economic makeup of agriculture has altered, bringing new entrants from historically disadvantaged backgrounds on to the land, these new farmers, facing the challenges of establishing sustainable agri-businesses across the agricultural value chain, Land Bank has been a commercial lifeline offering appropriately designed financial products that facilitate personal and commercial viability in a sector that is vital to the sustainability of South Africa and its people.

1. To lead the Bank’s Compliance function by providing strategic direction and focus and by establishing and promoting a compliance culture within the Bank.
2. To ensure that the Bank complies with all relevant statutory, regulatory and supervisory requirements that pertain to its particular industry as well as professional standards, accepted business practices and internal standards.
3. To ensure that the Bank’s corporate governance processes and internal policies are sound and embedded within the organisation.
4. To ensure that the Bank conducts its business in an ethical manner and to promote an ethical culture within the Bank thereby assisting to manage risk, maintain a positive reputation.
5. To create awareness and educate employees and management at all levels as well as instituting practices that will ensure the highest possible level of compliance.
6. Participating in and supporting the Board and Board sub-committees in effective management of compliance risks.
7. To oversee elements of Financial Crime Risk management.

Governance and Compliance Oversight: Strategic Alignment Compliance Framework, Compliance Programme and Managerial responsibilities
1. Develops and oversee the implementation of a consistent integrated compliance framework and compliance programme for the identification, prioritisation, management, monitoring and reporting of compliance risks and issues.
2. Develop a comprehensive compliance risk management programme that is integrated with the organisation’s strategic planning process.
3. Assist management in becoming aware of their responsibilities relating to compliance with regulatory requirements.
4. Examines and keeps abreast of all changes in legislation and regulations and advise all stakeholders of the potential impact that such changes would have on the Banks operations.
5. Independently monitoring and reporting to top management on the effectiveness of the compliance function.
6. Provides advice to management and the Board as required in adherence to compliance functions imposed by legislation and governance principles.
7. Develop a framework for policies within the bank that is aligned to legislation and best practice corporate governance.
8. Develop and guide the maintenance of a policy and procedure repository within the bank.
9. Communicate, meet and plan with internal audit on a periodic basis in order for IA to conduct independent reviews of the compliance function.

Governance and Compliance Oversight: Regulatory reporting and Regulator and Stakeholder interaction
1. Build and maintain effective regulator and stakeholder relationships.
2. Develop and maintain professional working relationships with regulators and other stakeholders through formal and informal interactions.
3. Develop a plan to manage an organisation’s relationship with all regulators / supervisors that have jurisdiction.
4. Coordinate communication channels and liaison with regulators and supervisors.
5. Participate and oversee where necessary in regulatory inspections.
6. Represent the Unit on governance compliance related matters and various forums.

Governance and Compliance- Assurance and Monitoring Oversight (second line of defence)
1. Develop the compliance risk identification matrix of the Bank to understand the business of the bank and all applicable legislation (compliance process phase1).
2. Develop the compliance risk priorization index for the Bank to categorise and prioritize and classify the applicable legislation to the Bank (compliance process phase 2).
3. Develop control optimization and risk management plans for applicable legislation for the Bank (compliance process phase 3).
4. Develop compliance risk monitoring plans and reporting tools for the bank for all applicable legislation and reporting (compliance process phase 4).
5. Develop a compliance monitoring plan and compliance programme to ensure monitoring of the Banks compliance risk as well as compliance to laws, regulations and supervisory requirements.

Governance and Compliance Oversight: Ethics Culture and Management. Establish best practice and create awareness to an ethics culture in the organisation
1. Inspect and oversee the ethics related issues in terms of King IV.
2. Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders in addressing ethics related issues.
3. Submit research and advice on best practices to detect and address unethical behaviour.
4. Develop a process to monitor compliance with the complaints and ethics policies and procedures.
5. Present reports to management and board on all non-compliance to code of ethics and ethics policy to relevant stakeholders.

Financial Management
1. Provide input into the departmental annual budget and allocated cost items.
2. Monitor expenditure monthly and report on variances.
3. Manage budget allocations and motivations for expense within area of responsibility.
4. Ensures the maintenance or reduction of costs of all resources without compromising on the delivery of the departmental objectives.

People Management (Indirect reports)
Performance Management
1. Analyse the business plan to determine the applicable deliverables and targets
2. Conduct performance planning session and Track and monitor performance in accordance with performance contracts
3. Conduct performance reviews in accordance with policies and procedures and take corrective actions where necessary
4. Provide coaching and feedback to employees on how to improve and sustain their performance
1. Degree in law, audit, risk management or similar. Post graduate diploma in compliance management or CISA accredited Compliance Practioners. Meet the requirements of “fit and proper” as prescribed by the Compliance institute of Southern Africa.
2. Accreditation as a Compliance Practitioner with the Compliance Institute of SA
3. 8 years Compliance management experience

1. Microsoft Office
2. Knowledge of enterprise risk management principles
3. Knowledge / Experience of compliance systems / tools
4. Compliance Management Principles and Processes
5. Knowledge of Compliance related legislation
6. Knowledge and interpretation skills of all applicable legislation to the business of the Bank and ability to communicate on advanced level.

1. Travel as and when required
2. Extended hours as and when required
3. Act as second line support as required in the Enterprise Risk management framework and combined assurance model.

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