Executive Director: African World Heritage Fund (Fixed Term Contract) [Midrand

POSTED BY: Development Bank of Southern Africa
Date Published:05 June 2023
Date of Expiration:02 December 2023

 South Africa |  MIDRAND in South Africa
Closing Date 2023/06/24
Reference Number DBS230602-1
Job Title Executive Director: African World Heritage Fund (Fixed Term Contract) [Midrand]
Job Type Classification Contract
Location - Town / City Midrand
Location - Province Gauteng
Location - Country South Africa

The African World Heritage Fund is a Category 2 Centre under the auspices of UNESCO and an inter-governmental organization based in South Africa with a specific mandate of implementing the UNESCO 1972 Convention concerning the protection and promotion of world cultural and natural places in Africa.

Under the authority of the Board of Trustees, and the direct supervision of the chairperson of the Board, the incumbent shall be responsible to carry out the mission of the Fund which aims to support the effective conservation and protection of natural and cultural heritage of outstanding universal value in Africa.

Technical outputs.
1. Provide strategic direction, business development, planning and management of the organization;
2. Build strategic partnerships with among others, African governments, international agencies, cooperates and donor agencies;
3. Liaising with the African Union and UNESCO as key stakeholders in the Fund;
4. Organize the meetings of the Board of Trustees including the related working documents, and ensure timely follow-up of decisions;
5. Reporting to the UNESCO World Heritage Centre in its capacity as Category II Centre, the African Union and other stakeholders on the activities and finances of the Fund.

Key Measurements of Outputs
1. Strategic Plans
2. Partnership and funding agreements
3. Board meetings (reports/documents and action plans)
4. Reports to the Board: African World Heritage Fund
5. Annual Reports
6. Increased contributions to the Endowment Fund

Minimum Requirements
1. Masters / Advanced University Degree in subjects related to Cultural or Natural Heritage Conservation and Business Development or Executive Management.

1. Studies in specific aspects of heritage management.

1. A minimum of 10 years’ practical experience, related to Cultural or Natural Heritage Management, Financial Administration, Fundraising campaigns, and Human Resource Management.
2. A minimum of 5 years’ experience at a management level as well as the ability to manage a team of professionals.
3. Demonstrated experience in interdisciplinary work.
4. Demonstrated knowledge of leadership and general management practices and techniques, as well as experience in management roles in conservation and management in national and/or international environments.
5. Demonstrated ability to direct change processes at the substantive and management levels within large institutions of national or international scope.
6. Experience in working in multicultural work environments and ability to supervise a large team.
7. Strong analytical, interpersonal and intercultural skills and should be able to demonstrate commitment for the conservation and management of natural and cultural heritage in Africa.

1. Experience at regional and/or international level is desirable.
2. Ability to communicate in French is an added advantage.

Technical Competencies:
Written & Verbal Communication
1. Is able to determine which aspects of this knowledge area need to be transferred to others in order to achieve organisational goals.
2. Coaches others and transfers communication skills and knowledge to others.
3. Adapts language to the level of the audience in order to ensure that the message has a positive impact and is interesting to the audience.
4. Is articulate, demonstrates a wide range of vocabulary, and is confident when talking to large/high level audiences.

Business Acumen
1. Assesses and links short-term tasks in the context of long-term business strategies or perspectives.
2. Takes actions to fit business strategy.
3. Understands the projected direction of the industry and how changes might impact the organisation.

Stakeholder Management
1. Identifies and engages a diverse range of influential contacts within stakeholder and community groups, and partner organisations.
2. Builds alliances to establish mutually beneficial working arrangements, openly sharing knowledge and insights.
3. Identifies clear win-win situations with external partners.

1. Has an appreciation of cultural sensitivities and differences.
2. Effectively employs a variety of advanced behavioural/interpersonal competencies to control the negotiation situation.
3. Is able to take the lead in a variety of sensitive negotiation situations requiring high levels of tact and diplomacy.

Business Development
1. Leads the formulation, development and implementation of the business development strategy to generate new business opportunities.
2. Leads the participation and presentation of the AWHF at conferences and roundtable discussions.

World Heritage Convention Expertise
1. In-depth knowledge of the World Heritage Convention and its implementation in Africa;
2. Ability to build stronger global network to implement a clear vision and mission for the organization;
3. Is able to focus on Africa’s concerns for cultural and natural heritage, promoting effective capacity building strategies to ensure that Africa increases its footprint on the World Heritage List whilst at the same time providing support to the conservation management and sustainable development of existing sites;
4. Is able to effectively and efficiently assure operational and financial performance and accountability of AWHF and increasing its reputation;

Leadership / Behavioural Competencies:

Leading & Empowering Others
1. Identifies long-term goals for the team and communicates them to team members, ensuring their buy in.
2. Sets a good example by personally exercising desired behaviour; acts on values and beliefs.
3. Communicates a vision for the team and future success that inspires team members.
4. After assessing others’ competence, one delegates full authority and responsibility to others to do a task in their own way.
5. Ensures that competent employees are given opportunities to further their careers.

Leading & Managing Change
1. Anticipates the need for change when not obvious and influences others to gain support. Builds sustainable business and organisational capacity to embrace and thrive on change.
2. Re-engineers and aligns structures, processes and practices to support and sustain the desired change.

Strategic & Innovative Thinking
1. Understands connections and trade-offs of strategic choices to evaluate which ideas are practical and possible by considering business and/or scientific implications.
2. Develops innovative business and/or customer solutions that shape industry practices.

Teamwork & Cooperation
1. Acts to promote a friendly climate and good morale, and resolves conflicts.
2. Creates opportunities for cross-functional working.
3. Encourages others to network outside of their own team/department and learn from their experience.

Developing Others
1. Gives specific positive or mixed feedback for developmental purposes.
2. Gives negative feedback in behavioural rather than personal terms.
3. Reassures and/or expresses positive expectations for future performance when giving corrective feedback.
4. Gives individualised suggestions to individuals for their improvement.

Driving delivery of results
1. Identifies and implements a business opportunity that will have a long-term impact on the business (which may include the organisation’s reputation or brand image). Monitors progress and adapts the plan if necessary to ensure optimal benefit to the business.
2. Makes decisions, sets priorities, or chooses goals on the basis of inputs and outputs: makes explicit considerations of potential profit, return on investment, or cost benefit analysis.
3. Based on the cost-benefit analysis, makes decisions of entrepreneurial risk nature.

Decisiveness (High Performance, Service Orientation)
1. Makes timely decisions about complex issues even when some information is missing.
2. Makes decisions and stands by them even when they are controversial or unpopular. Grasps critical business opportunities when they arise by making timely decisions

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