Quantity Surveyor [Midrand]

POSTED BY: Development Bank of Southern Africa
Date Published:31 August 2023
Date of Expiration:27 February 2024

 South Africa |  MIDRAND in South Africa
Closing Date 2023/09/10
Reference Number DBS230830-2
Job Title Quantity Surveyor [Midrand]
Job Grade 16
Job Type Classification Permanent
Location - Town / City Midrand
Location - Province Gauteng
Location - Country South Africa

1. Within the Infrastructure Delivery Unit, this position is a technical expert reporting to the Manager Quantity Surveying Services.
2. The purpose of this position is to provide strategic design, as well as independent, professional quality assurance in order to reduce the risk placed on the Development Bank of Southern Africa, and any clients.
3. This role is responsible for predicting and monitoring all costs that relate to the infrastructure project, managing all costs and funds from the planning stage until the final stages when all actual costs are levied, seeking to minimise project cost and enhancing value for money, while keeping regulatory standards and quality, keeping abreast of local statutory building regulations and providing a professional Quantity Surveying service with a view to meet the needs of the Infrastructure Delivery Division.
4. This role is also responsible to provide surveying inputs and guidance for the development of infrastructure strategies, policies systems, functional / technical norms and standards.

Strategic Functions.
Provide strategic design and advice from the outset of any project.

Operational Functions.
1. Continuous Quality Assurance.
2. Estimate and monitor all costs that relate to the infrastructure project from the planning stage until the final stages when all actual costs are levied.
3. Seek to minimise project cost and enhance cost efficiency, while keeping to regulatory standards and quality.
4. Keep abreast of local statutory building regulations.
5. Provide a professional quantity surveying service with a view to meet the needs of the Infrastructure Delivery Division.
6. Vet Bills of Quantities and Variation orders as received before payment.
7. Approve payments to contractors.
8. Advise on standards, practices and governance relevant to contractual documentation.
9. Prepare and conduct financial close-out and review project/programme close-out costs.

Continuous Improvement of Estimating Services, Cost Engineering and Quantity Surveying.
1. Keep abreast of new developments and technologies in the field of quantity surveying.
2. Research literature studies to keep up with new technologies and procedures including interaction with professional Councils/Boards.
3. Liaise with external quantity surveying firms and the Association of South African Quantity Surveyors regarding documentation, benchmarking rates and alternative procedures to ensure improvements and cost saving.
4. Contribute to Master Planning, Project Briefing documents, accommodation schedules and operational Narratives.
5. Optimize standard guides, methods and techniques to evaluate the utilisation of available resources.
6. Evaluate and identify new initiatives or enhanced/improved products for inclusion in programmes or projects.
7. Ensure accuracy of deriving costs for project ancillaries, labour and material for each item or activity, especially for large volume, high value or high risk services and works.
8. Advise contract custodians on bill of quantities and activity schedule composition for large volume, high value or high risk services and works.
9. Formulate standards and improved bills of quantities and activity schedules for large volume, high value or high risk services and works.
10. Monitor execution and update of processes for site audits, where required, to verify quantities and claims for work executed.
11. Identify and manage all risks.
12. Assist Governance, Risk and Compliance Lead in conducting internal audits for assurance that standards and procedures are being applied.
13. Compile and present and presenting special reports when required.
14. Preparation of quantity surveyor inputs to the preparation of the User Asset Management Plan, the final project lists, the budgets and infrastructure Programme Management Plan.

Key Internal Liaison Relationships
1. Group Executive: IDD
2. Head: Construction and Maintenance
3. IDD Staff

Key External Liaison Relationships
1. Service Providers (as appointed)
2. DBSA stakeholders (as required)
3. External Client(s)
Minimum Requirements
1. B degree / B tech degree in Quantity Surveying
2. Registration with SACQSP
3. More than 10 years’ experience with engineering and construction contracts, preferably in the public sector
4. Drivers’ license code 08.
5. MS Office proficient
6. Estimating and cost engineering of construction services and works
7. Cost control across programmes
8. Strong analytical skills
9. Strong verbal and written communication skills, effective presentation skills and skills to express complex concepts in business terms
10. Results driven – demonstrate high levels of commitment and dedication to achieving goals and objectives in a pressured work environment.
11. Knowledge and understanding of Quantity Surveying Professions Act of 2000, National Building Standards Act of 1977 and Regulations, Construction Industry Development Board Act of 2000 and Regulations, Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993.
12. Understand how to apply the Provincial Infrastructure Delivery Management System (PIDP) and the IDM Toolkit.
13. Understand how to prepare budgets, extract and interpret information from related information systems.
14. Understand the service delivery platform, indicators and service plan and how that links with Infrastructure.
15. Understand how to undertake a risk analysis and undertake a risk mitigation strategy.
16. Understand how to interpret existing and develop new Functional- and Technical Norms and Standards.
17. Ability to process and analyse new and complex information quickly and to prioritise issues for consideration.
18. Ability to build strategic alliances with key players for business.

Skills & Ability
1. Demonstrated understanding of and expertise in applying the Quantity Surveyor’s standards.
2. Capacity to clarify needs of others and work with them to develop and implement cost effective and practical solutions.
3. Strong influencing, negotiation and issue resolution skills.
4. Demonstrated experience in successfully managing projects within tight schedules.

Desirable Requirements
1. Qualifications in health and safety.

Written communication
1. Understands that different writing styles are required for different documents or audiences.
2. Write effective correspondence, prepares questions and reports, statements of circumstance and briefing notes.
3. Reviews others’ documents for clarity and impact.
4. Has a solid mastery of writing principles such as grammar, sentence construction etc.

Verbal communication
1. Able to present a theme in writing in an ordered, intelligible manner with well-structured and relevant supporting detail.
2. Able to understand topic switches and use vocabulary of attitude.
3. Reasonably fluent in speaking.

Presentation skills
1. Can reinforce key presentation points with examples.
2. Is able to translate technical terminology into language understandable to the audience.
3. Has insight into the audience’s behavior and motivation and responds appropriately and professionally, adapting communication style as appropriate.

Reporting skills
1. Designs / customizes reports to meet user needs.
2. Prepares complex or tailored reports, gathers information from a variety of sources, analyses and includes in a report.
3. Keeps standard reports under review and proposes improvements to meet user needs.

Achievement orientation
1. Undertakes challenging assignment and strives to complete them.
2. Sets priorities and chooses goals on the basis of calculated costs, anticipated benefits and improvement of performance.
3. Aims at exceptional performance, setting out to achieve a unique standard.
4. Constantly analysis outcomes to ensure the achievements of business goal.
5. Identifies short-term opportunity or potential problems aiming to achieve better outcomes.

Customer Orientation
1. Tries to understand the underlying needs of customers and match these needs to available or customized products and service.
2. Adapts processes and procedures to meet on-going customer needs.
3. Utilises the feedback received from customers, in order to develop new and / or improving existing services / products that relates to their on-going needs.
4. Thinks of new ways to align DBSA’s offering with future customer needs.

1. Is willing to end a business relationship because it was associated with unethical business practice.
2. Is capable of challenging senior management (in an appropriate and respectable manner) in order to act on espoused values.

Leading and empowering others
1. Creates the conditions that enables the team to perform at its best (e.g., setting clear directions, providing appropriate structure, getting the right people, obtain needed resources).
2. Monitors performance against clear standards, and addresses performance issues promptly and takes action to get performance back to desired levels.
3. Proactively asks for feedback on own performance from team members, aiming to become more effective.

Teamwork and cooperation
1. Acts to promote a friendly climate and good morale, and resolves conflicts.
2. Creates opportunities for cross-functional work.
3. Encourages others to network outside of their own team / department and learn from their experience.

Self-awareness & self-control
1. Withholds effects of strong emotions in difficult situations.
2. Keeps functioning or responds constructively despite stress.
3. May apply special techniques or plan ahead of time to manage emotions or stress

Strategic and Innovative thinking
1. Recognises opportunities or potential problems, before they become obvious, by seeing the connections in a range of sources of information, including insights from outside DBSA .
2. Restates complex knowledge in a way that makes it easier for others to understand.
3. Experiments with new approaches, tests scenarios, questions assumptions and challenges conventional thinking.
4. Creates new concepts that are not obvious to others, leveraging internal and external sources of information, to build incremental revenue and growth opportunities.

Teamwork and cooperation
1. Acts to promote a friendly climate and good morale, and resolve conflicts.
2. Creates opportunities for cross-functional work.
3. Encourages others to network outside of their own team / department and learn from their experience.

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