Director, Administration, Finance, & ICT [Praia, Cape Verde]

POSTED BY: Economic Community of West African States(ECOWAS)
Date Published:Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Date of Expiration:Sunday, November 17, 2024

 Cabo Verde |  PRAIA in Cabo Verde
PUBLISHED ON: 01/05/2024
CLOSING DATE: 30/05/2024
JOB CODE 2000729
AGENCY ECREEE – ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE)
ANNUAL SALARY UA57,805.15 USD91,204.96
STATUS Permanent
DEPARTMENT Infrastructure, Energy & Digitization
DIRECTORATE ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency (ECREEE)
DIVISION Administration, Finance & ICT
LINE SUPERVISOR Executive Director
SUPERVISING Principal Officer, Administration & Finance
Principal Program Officer, Information, Communication & Technology
DUTY STATION Praia, Cape Verde
Applications should be sent to:b46dradminfinanceict@ecowas.int

Under the supervision of the ECREEE Executive Director, the incumbent will coordinate, lead, and supervise all activities related to Administration, Procurement, Finance, Accountancy, Human Resources, Conference, Protocol, Information Communication & Technology and Travels at the Centre.

1. Oversee the administrative (Human Resources, Conferences, Protocol, Procurement, Travels, Maintenance, logistics), financial, accountancy and ICT technological management of ECREEE in accordance with the ECOWAS Rules and Regulations and other related texts and best practices.
2. Coordinate the drafting and finalization of ECREEE’s Annual Budget and ensure that the budget is executed in strict accordance with laid down accounting procedures and ECOWAS Rules and Regulations on the matter.
3. Operate, monitor and justify the utilization of the organization’s accounts.
4. Oversee administratively and legally, for all funds, holdings, cheque books, accounting records and assets of the Centre placed under the control of the Directorate.
5. Coordinate the various administrative duties and responsibilities (human resources, material resources and services management, logistics, transport, conferences, travels, IT).
6. Forward monthly and annually, reports to the Executive Director, as provided for in the Financial Regulations of ECOWAS and make sure that report is sent to the ECOWAS Headquarters.
7. Represent ECREEE at statutory meetings as may be required.
8. Coordinate and plan annual goals, objectives, activities, and budget of ECREEE.
9. Measure and monitor goal achievement; negotiate suitable adjustments to goals and budgets.
10. Implement performance-based budgeting within the Directorate.
11. Manage in an efficient manner all assets of the Centre.
12. Carry out all procurement tasks of the activities in line with the ECOWAS Procurement Code and donors fund and/or grant agreements
13. Organize the Directorate in an efficient way with clear reporting lines, minimal bureaucracy and optimal delegation of responsibilities and authority.
14. Set standards of work and create mechanisms to monitor staff output and ensure that standards are maintained, and deadlines met without compromising quality of work.
15. Manage the system of setting individual performance planning and standards through available Performance Planning and Evaluation systems.
16. Provide regular and prompt performance feedback to direct reporting.
17. Actively engaged in the development of staff to ensure skills are built to match plans, goals and existing structures.
18. Perform any other duty as may be assigned by supervisor.

1. Master’s degree (or equivalent) in Management, Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, Public Administration, Economics, Social sciences, Computer engineering, telecommunications/ ICT engineering, Information Systems Management in a similar field from a recognized University.
2. Twelve (12) years of progressively responsible experience in managing finance and budget operations administration, financial management, budget or related field, planning, design, development, implementation, procurement, asset and equipment maintenance, logistics and maintenance of information systems and telecommunications, including 6 years of international work experience and 5 years at a supervisory level;
3. Knowledge of International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) budgeting and innovation in line with public finance reform; fiscal management skills and business acumen.
4. Demonstrated professional ability and mastery of principles, techniques and practices related to one or more specialized services in a broad range of human resources, financial, IT, procurement communication, conference, records management and general administrative areas in an international and/or public sector institutions.
5. Knowledge of financial and budgetary principles and practices, budget development and financial administration of resources and ability to develop budgetary policies, formulate new strategies /policies/programs and technical approaches to budgetary matters, procedures, procurement.
6. Knowledge of information systems and telecommunications technologies for large and complex organizational environments, with the technical know-how to effectively implement ICT solutions with a focus on improving operations, enabling transformation and leading the management of information and resources.
7. Proven mastery of large, complex ICT operations or projects, which may contain significant scope, ambiguity, risk & geographical diversity.
8. Demonstrated competence to drive the development, review and communicate ICT policies, regulations and standards throughout the ECOWAS community, with an ability to engage member states institutions on developing an economically enhancing ICT policy frameworks.
9. Extensive knowledge of Donor’s Guidelines for project and significant communication management experience in international, regional or national institutions.
10. Technical capacity to provide specialized advice on a broad range of general services issues such as procurement, registry, stores, transport, and demonstrated professional ability to oversee large complex projects and initiatives.
11. Professional certification in Accounting or Finance from a reputable institution or organization.

Be below 50 years old. This provision does not apply to internal candidates.

1. Senior leadership experience in establishing strategic partnerships, working collaboratively and building consensus with multiple internal and/or external stakeholders on complex issues in a multi-disciplinary governmental or international organization.
2. Knowledge of the ECOWAS mandate, strategic plan/priorities as well as the economic, political and social state/trends of Member States, as pertains to own scope of work.
3. Consistency in actions, values, methods, confidentiality, ethics, measures, principles, expectations and outcomes which connote a deep commitment to do the right thing for the right reason, regardless of the circumstances.
4. Ability to provide leadership, management, and technical oversight for all project activities and program deliverables in accordance with ECOWAS legal and administrative practices and standards.
5. Ability to conduct periodic reviews of staff performance in keeping with the ECOWAS performance management system and to mentor staff to ensure high levels of motivation, commitment, capacity, and teamwork.
6. Ability to oversee project management, internal controls and stewardship of financial resources and to address issues in a confident and capable manner whilst making decisions that exemplify impartial and non-partisan decision-making.
7. Ability to exercise the initiative and resourcefulness necessary for simultaneously addressing a variety of stakeholder needs, pursuing multiple tasks and achieving positive outcomes.
8. Ability to motivate and engage others in promoting or adopting best practices in client services.
9. Ability to identify and improve services and client interactions through appropriate networks and to create innovative ways of addressing these in an accountable and transparent manner.
10. Knowledge of anti-discriminatory/human rights regulatory environment and ability to advance strategies to foster an inclusive working environment and healthy organization respectful of cultural diversity and gender equality and free from harassment and discrimination.
11. Ability and responsibility for incorporating gender perspectives and ensuring the equal participation of women and men in all areas of work.
12. Ability to remain objective in managing conflict regardless of cultural differences /positions, gender differences, and encourage other staff to overcome cultural and gender bias and differences.
13. Ability to apply knowledge of ECOWAS legal framework, strategic priorities and operational standards to develop/modernize policies and programs and/or to implement policies and programs in a sustainable and effective manner.
14. Well-developed business, social and political acumen, demonstrating a strong commitment to the vision and mandate of ECOWAS coupled with a broad knowledge of the economic, political and social situations and trends in Member States.
15. Sound judgment and decision-making skills on matters relating to policy and strategy development important to the realization of the ECOWAS mandate and the improvement of outcomes for Member States.
16. Ability to analyze reports as well as socio-economic and institutional dynamics and recognize areas of potential obstacles or challenges and develop innovative solutions or alternatives to address barriers and achieve strategic/operational priorities.
17. Ability to anticipate and interpret the effects of environmental changes (social, economic and political), and its impact and make recommendations.
18. Ability to identify/address strengths and weaknesses, stimulate creativity, reduce resistance to change and improve the achievement of strategic objectives.
19. Ability to build multiple external collaborative relationships to support strategic and operational objectives; identify the key issues and accommodate the key players with well thought out communication and stakeholder management plans.
20. Exhibit active listening skills to encourage stronger communication amongst team members, to show care and make them feel valued and to drive employee engagement in all institutions and agencies.
21. Proficiency in information communication technologies (ICT).
22. Fluency in oral and written expressions in one of the ECOWAS official languages of the Community (English, French & Portuguese). Knowledge of an additional one will be an added advantage.
23. Ability to prepare plans, set clear objectives in a consistent manner and have effective oversight of performance management practices to ensure that goals and standards are met.
24. Ability to set effective goals/results and manage change in a manner that demonstrates resilience, composure and a positive outlook in an environment of uncertainty and ambiguity.
25. Ability to implement plans, mobilize/engage people, identify critical success factors, mitigate risks, monitor indicators and feedback, initiate corrective measure and build capacities for sustainability.

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