Procurement and Governance Compliance Specialist [Midrand]

POSTED BY: Development Bank of Southern Africa
Date Published:28 November 2023
Date of Expiration:26 May 2024

 South Africa |  MIDRAND in South Africa
Closing Date 2023/12/02
Reference Number DBS231121-1
Job Title Procurement and Governance Compliance Specialist [Midrand]
Job Grade 16
Job Type Classification Permanent
Location - Town / City Midrand
Location - Province Gauteng
Location - Country South Africa

1. To provide a governance, compliance, quality, and risk service to the Procurement team and Business to ensure effective compliance and practices in relations to the Bank's SCM governance framework.
2. To provide a governance, compliance, quality, and risk service to the Procurement team and Business to ensure effective compliance and practices in relations to the Bank's SCM governance framework.

Planning and Standards
1. Ensure Compliance to the prevailing governance framework to support the SCM Unit on delivering on the mandates of respective governance structures.
2. Keep abreast of trends and changes in legislation and regulations impacting on procurement to enable updates of the policies, procedures, templates etc. as deemed necessary
3. Implement systems and risk methodologies to comply with legislative, statutory and reporting requirements
4. To facilitate and deliver relevant training informed by changes in business strategy, regulations, processes, regulations, risks etc.
5. Draft and implement policy, guidelines and other documentation that promote compliance and addresses risk management concerns
6. Set standards for the tender administration process and monitor the teams adherence to these standards
7. Set and implement standards for document management, control and master records (suppliers and contracts/orders)
8. Liaise with procurement team, business and other key stakeholders on risk and compliance issues for improved alignment, gap closure and application.
9. Support the Manager to implement relevant risk management strategies, methodologies and tools to address governance and operational risks
10. Support the Unit and Division on the management of key audit risks and gaps arising from noncompliance
11. To participate in relevant internal and Client engagements to ensure that the parameters of the SCM framework is well understood and catered for in such agreements
12. To remain fully abreast of all the MOU and its obligations from a SCM and procurement perspective to ensure compliance from a governance and process perspective

1. Ensure continuous improvement pertaining to SCM practices and relevant documentation based on compliance, performance standards, legislative requirements and good practice
2. Develop and maintain relationships with all affected stakeholders to facilitate effective communication and understanding on the SCM governance framework and requirements in terms of risk register
3. Implement and maintain a contract administration system (SAP/Other) to ensure contract records are up to date, accurate, accessible and managed according to required standards to enable effective contract administration
4. Monitor and enforce compliance by Procurement, Business and process staff in respect to SCM governance framework and its relevant regulations, policies, procedures and templates.
5. Ensure that the tender process is monitored and that there is compliance with internal policies, procedures and processes (includes probity checks)
6. Seek / facilitate corrective action when irregularities within the sourcing / tender process are identified
7. Facilitate / train contract owners and business on the SCM governance framework and practices
8. Support the Procurement team with negotiation processes and ensure that negotiation with suppliers are in line with sourcing strategy, business principles and appropriate commercial terms
9. Ensure that Supplier, Client and Business Unit queries/needs are dealt with proactively, accurately and within prescribed turn-around times
10. Represent Procurement in any contract or tender related disputes
11. Oversight, monitoring and reporting of the risks noted on the SCM risk register
12. Facilitate workshops to improve awareness SCM governance framework and risk register
13. Ensuring compliance to policy and regulatory requirements
14. Oversee and co-ordinate the audit process, interactions, release of documents and management comments to Internal and External Auditors

Quality Management
1. Review, quality assure and sign-off of all procurement transactions prior to submission to final delegated committee / authority for approval
2. Ensure all procurement transactions signed-off for consideration by final delegated committee / authority are indeed accurate, complete, backed by supporting documents and in line with the SCM governance framework
3. In instances where discrepancies are detected during the quality review process, to adequately document such in writing for consideration by the referring committee or approving committee / official

1. Perform the full secretariat role for relevant committees i.e. SCMC Committee (and any other committees) as per the relevant terms of reference
2. Collate, review and prepare committee packs and documents in line with the terms of reference
3. Ensure deliberations and decisions of committee meetings are accurately recorded, minuted and archived for audit and reference purposes

1. Consolidate, compile and submit risk and compliance reports to management and relevant committees
2. Monthly monitoring and reporting progress against risk highlighted in the SCM register
3. Report on deviations and variations to SCMC, Supplier contracts status & compliance, BEE statistics, document control and management and audit processes, status, findings and progress against planned interventions

Key Measures/KPIs
1. All procurement transactions are executed and managed according to required performance standards and compliance requirements
2. No / limited compliance risk exposure
3. Effective management of any VO's in line with policy provisions and DoA
4. Relevant process owners, business managers and procurement officials are trained annually on the SCM governance framework, key risks, policy and procedure requirements and governance structure TORs
5. Risks noted on risk register effectively monitored and reported for action
6. No material / repeat compliance breaches
7. All audit / compliance matters are effectively planned and resolved for as noted in the management comments
1. Relevant business qualification (minimum degree and post graduate qualification) with experience in governance, compliance and quality management relative to SCM governance framework
2. At least 3 to 5 years' experience in procurement and/or governance
3. Experience in having served as a secretariat for governance committees
4. Working experience with SAP Procurement module or a similar ERP system
5. Strong understanding and commitment to good corporate governance, SCM regulations and laws and other regulatory requirements including the PFMA; PPPFA; SIPDM, CIDB etc.

The incumbent should have demonstrated the following competencies:
1. Detailed working knowledge of the PPPFA, supply chain regulations from National Treasury, BBBEE
2. Strong at monitoring procurement practices and effectively managing for compliance to governance frameworks and business risks
3. Strong skills in review documents and reports for compliance against governance framework
4. Excellent skills in facilitating outcomes pertaining to contractual / legal / supplier disputes between stakeholders
5. Ability to manage stakeholders effectively

Planning & Organizing
1. Is relied on to helps other plan and organise their workload.
2. Uses effectively advance time management processes to deal with high workload and tight deadlines.
3. Organises, prioritises and schedules tasks so they can be performed within budget and with the efficient use of time and resources.
4. Achieves goals in a timely manner, despite obstacles encountered, by organising, reprioritising and re-planning

Negotiation Skills
1. Understands and can apply basic negotiating skills and techniques, e.g. obtaining a full understanding of the other party's agenda and needs before disclosing own perspectives.
2. Possesses an understanding of various unspoken communications from other parties and can decipher hidden agendas.
3. Is able to successfully conclude negotiations which require the development of an emotional as well as factual argument.
4. Is able to develop mutually-beneficial potential solutions.

Written Communication
1. Understands that different writing styles are required for different documents or audiences.
2. Write effective correspondence, prepares questions and reports, statements of circumstance and briefing notes.
3. Reviews others' documents for clarity and impact
4. Has a solid mastery of writing principles such as grammar, sentence construction etc.

Presentation Skills
1. Understands how to present objectives in a compelling manner and maintain the interest of the audience.
2. Knows how to deliver presentations appropriately (e.g. maintaining eye contact, the appropriate use of hand gestures etc.) and at the correct pace.
3. Knows how to clarity and confirm people's feelings, concerns and needs.

Policies and Procedures
1. Has detailed understanding of relevant policies and procedures and interprets these according to operational circumstances to ensure compliance.
2. Understands the business context sufficiently to recommend improvements and modifications to existing policy.
3. Is able to write new procedures.

Information Seeking and Analysis
1. Breaks down problems into simple lists of tasks or activities
2. Investigates the problem or situation beyond routine questioning.

Impact and Influence
1. Includes careful preparation of data for presentation.
2. Makes two or more different arguments or points in a presentation or a discussion.

Achievement Orientation
1. Focuses on new or more effective ways of improving own work and meeting targets.
2. Focuses on raising quality, customer satisfaction and revenues.
3. Formulates own objectives and action plans in order to achieve a measurable improvement in the future.
4. Makes specific changes to systems and processes in order to improve efficiency and quality.

Self - Awareness & Self Control
1. Ignores angering actions and continues a conversation or task. May leave temporarily to withhold emotions, then return immediately to continue.
2. Feels strong emotions in the course of a conversation or other task, such as anger, extreme frustration, or high stress; holds the emotions back, and continues to act calmly.

1. Acts promptly to address urgent needs, taking quickly those decisions which need to be taken.
2. Thinks on their feet when necessary
3. Changes his/her perception, ideas or alters normal procedures to fit a specific situation to get a job done and/or meet company goals
4. Assesses available information to reach a clear view of key options and selects the best option at the time.

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